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The first video of the Moog One polysynth is about as mind-bending as the price

Moog has finally released some info on the Moog One synth in the form of a near-20 minute video showing off the polysynth in all its glory.

We must warn you that the first 90 seconds are a bit ‘out there’, but stick with it as the likes of Suzanne Ciani, Mark Mothersbaugh, Paris Strother and Mark Ronson are among the many names taking Moog’s first polyphonic synthesizer in over 35 years for a spin.

The film is a take on the original 1976 demo video for the Polymoog, ‘Moog One - A Meditation On Listening’ and was shot on 8mm film and contemporary digital video. 

The news comes a week since Sweetwater listed the Moog One for sale.

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