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The Ellitone Multi-Synth is probably the most fun you can have with a budget synthesizer made of wood

The Ellitone Multi-Synth from Ellistronics is a budget synth with rather a lot of sonic capabilities.

At its heart, the wooden handmade instrument is a digital synth with seven different operation modes.

As you can tell from the video above, the Mini-Synth has a broad pallet of tones on board. Even better still is that no experience in synthesis is required. The idea is to pick it up and play, with experimentation the only requirement.

While this machine can be classed as semi-modular, the five patch points are not CV, but a bespoke digital protocol.

The five inputs on the Input Jack in the patchbay represent the inputs to the following settings:

  • WaveForm 
  • Voicing 
  • Mode Select 
  • Speeds 
  • Rhythms

Patching any one of these points to the four output points will allow for that setting to be tweaked. The Mode Select option is where you can dive into the seven operation/synthesis modes:

  • Wavetables 
  • Patterns 
  • FreqMod(FM-1) 
  • FreqMod(FM-2) 
  • Infinite Bounce Matter (bouncing ball style sequencer)
  • Chirpp (experimental cosine-grain type synthesis)
  • Panic Voice Engine (brutal data distortion type synthesis)

The Mini-Synth is available now for just $68.99/£55.87 and you can find more info on the Ellistronics Etsy store.

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