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Z3 Audiolabs releases Repeat-X multi-effect/stutter VST plugin

Repeat-X: does crazy stuff to your audio.
Repeat-X: does crazy stuff to your audio.

Repeat-X is a new multi-effect/stutter plugin from Z3 Audiolabs that's designed for manipulating audio in realtime. It comes with nine effect algorithms, each of which has its own host-syncable step sequencer and a modulation/gate section.

All parameters can be assigned to your controller using MIDI learn, and each effect can be positioned in the signal chain using a wiring system known as Signalflow. Repeat-X has been designed with live performance in mind, but can also be employed in your studio projects.

Find out more below - Repeat X is available now in PC/VST format and costs €39.90. A demo is available, too.

Find out more at the Z3 Audiolabs website.

Z3 Audiolabs Repeat-X information


  • Easily connect with your MIDI controller: Every FX parameter offers you a MIDI learn function - just right-click on the parameter you want to set on your MIDI controller and move the controller of your choice - done!
  • Signalflow: Repeat-X provides an ultra-flexible wiring system - just drag the FX to the preferred position in the signal chain and choose between five different wirings - you have 3600 possibilities!
  • Step sequencers and gates: For each FX you can enable very flexible step sequencers and gates - each with a separate speed control and always synchronized to your host program
  • FX Sequencer: Draw your own FX sequences


  • Filter: Provides 10 different high quality filter types
  • Ringmod: 3 different waveforms to modulate the signal
  • Crusher: Steplessly variable bitcrusher and sample rate reducer
  • Pan: Modulatable panner
  • Delay: Delay time from 1 sample up to 999 milliseconds - modulate feedback or delay time
  • Repeat: Grainbuffer live repeater. Playable with keyboard, pitch it and speed it up or down, play reverse, set attack and decay
  • Tapestop: One-shot tapestop with variable time and curve setting - you can set the tapestop pre- or post-FX
  • Saturation: Master channel saturation