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Yamaha Pocketrak CX is designed for live music recording

Pocketrak CX: soon to be confiscated at gigs everywhere.
Pocketrak CX: soon to be confiscated at gigs everywhere.

Yamaha seems to getting a taste for the portable recorder market. Having launched the diminutive Pocketrak 2G earlier this year, the company has now released a more music-friendly version in the shape of the Pocketrak CX.

The new model shares many features with the Pocketrak 2G - it's very small and weighs next to nothing, for example - but benefits from the addition of a high-sensitivity 90-degree X/Y microphone. This promises to make it suitable for recording live music.

Also new is the option to expand the Pocketrak CX's memory allowance via microSD cards. A 2GB card comes included.

The device can record at 16-bit/44.1kHz quality and store files in WAV and MP3 formats. There's a mic/line input, while files can be transferred to your computer over USB. These can then be edited in the supplied Cubase AI4 software.

The Pocketrak CX costs $499 and is available now.