XILS-Lab's miniSyn'X plugin synth released

XILS-Lab has added another plugin synth to its roster, the miniSyn'X. Seemingly a trimmed-down version of the company's existing Synthix instrument, this draws inspiration from the Elka Synthex, a polyphonic analogue hardware synth from the '80s.

miniSyn'X combines DCOs with multimode analogue filters, and gives you two independent synth engines to work with. These can be stacked, or you can create split sounds. Other features inherited from the Synthex include a BBD chorus and a Glide section.

XILS-Lab has added a few features of its own, too, including what it describes as "an Intelligent Patch Creation system" and a 4-part polysequencer. What's more, the interface is adaptive, so you only need to see the controls you require at any given time.

You can find out more on the XILS-Lab website. MiniSyn'X is available in VST, AU, RTAS and AAX formats for PC and Mac, and currently costs €45 (a demo is available, too). The standard price is €59.

XILS-Lab miniSyn'X features

  • Two synth engines that can be combined in 3 modes (Double, Split, Single )
  • Single Panel GUI for each Synthesizer engine
  • Up to 10 Oscillators per patch (Cumulative OSC technology, 2 x 5 )
  • Modelled DCO Oscillators, PWM for each waveform, 0DF PWM Algorithm
  • Multimode analog Filter using 3rd gen 0DF Filter technology (up to 2 per patch )
  • Modelled Ultra Fast Envelope Generators (up to 4 per patch )
  • Smart Load TM exclusive technology to create new interesting sounds quickly
  • Gang Edit in Double and Split mode
  • All parameters automatable via Midi Cc control (including Sequencer parts )
  • Three mode BBD Analog Chorus Unit
  • Only Serial Protected
Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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