Wire Grind releases 'the world's most advanced noise gate'

Gating with the bells and whistles.
Gating with the bells and whistles.

Gating's usually a pretty straightforward process, right? Maybe it's a couple of controls on a channel strip or, if you're looking to take it more seriously or creatively, it's a dedicated plugin with a couple more parameters added.

But Wire Grind is challenging Windows users to see what they can get out of hugely increased gating possibilities with the release of Advanced Noise Gate, a VST plugin. "The world's most advanced noise gate," so they say.

OK, so what else can Wire Grind offer us? Alongside the usual Threshold, Attack and Release parameters, Advance Noise Gate has…

  • Hold and Attack Envelope parameters, to dial in sustain and a different attack 'curve' response
  • Stereo linking, and Peak/RMS detection, along with an RMS Win(dow) control to provide more definition to your 'on' conditions, above the normal Threshold-only design
  • Standard gating or Ducking for more versatile sidechain gating
  • An Attack Delay control to add some lag to the gate response
  • Note Truncate, Triggered Muting and Beat Skip, supposedly more applicable to music
  • EQ/filtering on the sidechain
  • Output EQ for the entire signal and for Open/Closed gate.

Get it for $149 or check out the demo at the Wire Grind website.