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Waves releases Codex wavetable plugin synth

Waves' first plugin synth, Element, was a pretty by-the-numbers virtual analogue affair, but Codex, its new instrument, looks a little more sophisticated.

This wavetable synth is based on the company's Virtual Voltage technology and promises to put "infinite possibilities at your fingertips". It's designed for producing everything from acoustic and analogue emulations to intricate and evolving textures.

The granular wavetable engine enables you to import and manipulate your own wavetables, and you can control the 'acoustic resonance' of the sound. Morphing between wavetables is said to be smooth.

Although Codex's tones can be pretty complex, Waves assures us that they can be created very easily - all controls are on a single screen. There are modulation options, effects, and a built-in arpeggiator/sequencer.

You can find out more about what Codex can do in the video below, while a further tutorial from acclaimed producer Yoad Nevo is also out there. Codex is available now in all major plugin formats - you can buy it from the Waves website for $99.

Waves Codex features

  • Cutting-edge polyphonic wavetable synthesizer
  • Powered by Waves' Virtual Voltage Technology
  • Innovative oscillators with progressive wavetable scanning capabilities
  • Advanced and comprehensive Modulation Matrix
  • Formant control - direct control over the acoustic resonance of the sound
  • Wavetable (sample) importing
  • User-replaceable wavetables
  • Arpeggiator/16-step sequencer
  • Integrated chorus, delay, reverb, distortion and bit crusher effects
  • Visual dynamic waveforms
  • Plugin and standalone instrument
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