Video: Dream Theater's Jordan Rudess goes on a music app bonanza

Rudess has some apps and he's gonna use 'em!
Rudess has some apps and he's gonna use 'em! (Image credit: David Atlas/Retna Ltd./Corbis)

For the past few years, we've referred to Dream Theater's Jordan Rudess by a few well-earned nicknames: the 'keyboard master,' 'keyboard wiz' - things like that. But we might have to call him something else very soon. Perhaps 'king of all apps' - after all, he's been releasing his very own music-making creations with head-spinning frequency.

In the above video, Rudess runs through some of his favorite apps, including the MorphWiz, Tachyon, SpaceWiz and SampleWiz. It's a beautiful, dreamy ride. And more is to follow - Rudess has posted that this is only Part One.

Joe Bosso

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