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Vengeance Sound previews new Phalanx sampler

New software samplers are relatively thin on the ground - the impression you get is that most developers don't think there's much to be gained in challenging the best software samplers currently on the market - but Vengeance Sound will soon be aiming for a slice of the action when it releases Phalanx.

And it looks like that release isn't going to be too far away; as part of its 'countdown' process the company is currently publishing a tutorial video a day detailing Phalanx's features. It'll do this for ten days, after which we're assuming that the software will be made available.

You can watch a Phalanx overview video above and the first two tutorials below. It'll cost €199 for the basic version and €249 for the premium one.

Stay tuned to the Vengeance Sound YouTube channel for more.

Phalanx tutorial video 1: library

Phalanx tutorial video 2: sample pads