Underworld team up with Volkswagen app to create "responsive" driving music

Dance duo Underworld have gone into partnership with the car manufacturers Volkswagen to create a piece of music that intelligently responds to the manoeuvres of the Volkswagen Golf GTI.

Named the Play The Road experience, the music works with an on-board app which reads the GTI's behaviour, triggering changes in the music that are "completely in tune with your drive - so every turn of the wheel, gearshift or location change, is reflected in the music".

Says Underworld's Karl Hyde: "Driving and music are probably the most important things in my musical education: sitting in the back of my dad's car at night. It was a filmscape to me, it was beautifully lit and the dashboard was magical, and radio Luxemburg or some pirate station was on the radio and that was everything to me. It's still the root of why I love music. Being in a car surfing the radio, finding stuff that suits how you feel."

For more info on this cutting-edge 'responsive' technology, visit Volkswagen.