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Tycho - Awake

Three years after his last LP, accomplished ambient producer Tycho - aka Scott Hansen - returns with his third album, Awake. Released once again by Ghostly International, the album is arguably Tycho's most polished and intricate work to date.

His sleek productions blend seamlessly into one another with deftly constructed arrangements working in perfect harmony to create a beautiful and highly cinematic soundscape.

Hazy, guitar-driven sonics waft over softened beats and rounded bass to create an atmosphere that is at times blissful and others beautifully melancholic but always emotive and endearing.

Blending elements of Indie Rock with Electronica, Awake is heartfelt and sincere, displaying a sensitive approach to using analogue and hardware machines.

With Hansen even making the artwork, which also matches the stripped-back aesthetic of the record itself, it becomes clear that this project is the work of an individual artist with a singular vision.

That vision seems to have become more focused on Awake and paves the way for an exciting future for someone who is already considered one of the brightest talents when it comes to making modern music with such depth and beauty.

4 out of 5