Transform simple sounds with Sinevibes' Extremum plugin

Extremum s interface looks like a menu from a 23rd century restaurant for robots
Extremum's interface looks like a menu from a 23rd-century restaurant for robots.

A new year it might be, but Sinevibes is sticking to its distinctive-looking AU-only effects processor blueprint with Extremum, which is designed to turn even simple sounds into "tonally rich new material".

Helping you to do this are a 256-stage phaser, a 24-stage chorus, a 16-stage positive/negative comb filter, and an 8-stage positive/negative barber-pole phaser. There's also a modulation generator with eight waveforms, adjustable lag and periodic chaos.

Find out more on the Sinevibes website, where a demo is available for download. Extremum costs $29.

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