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This arcade-style MIDI controller will take command of your synths and plugins

Miclop Electronic has announced a new MIDI controller called the Ctrl Boy via its Facebook page, and it will be hitting Kickstarter in December.

With a design not too dissimilar to those beautiful arcade machines of old, Ctrl Boy already has presets for soft synths such as Massive, Omnisphere, FM8, Diva, Sylenth1, Iris 2 and others.

So far there is little other information, but we'll have more news for you when it becomes available.

Ctrl Boy main features

  • Specialised MIDI controller for synthesizers and plugins
  • Unlimited number of mappings
  • Quick access to whatever parameter
  • High precision 14-bit encoders
  • Compatible with relative encoders
  • CC and NRPN deliveries