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Sound And Effects announces The Wizard II Refill

Come closer...OK, not that close
Come closer...OK, not that close

Here's just the thing to weird-out the neighbors: The Wizard II Refill for Propellerhead's Reason and other formats. Now you can have Fright Night any night. How's that for technological progress?

There are 75 newly added combinators, and new graphics too. Some of the haunting sounds that can be found on version 2.0 are:

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Digital Soundscapes
Digital Keys

Library specs:

24 bit/ 44.1
Compressed download size: 437 Megabytes
Formats: Reason, Kontakt, EXS-24, HALion.

Hey, we're sold. For full FX contents listing and demos, just click here. Current registered owners should contact Sound And Effects support for a free upgrade. If you're not a registered owner, you can download The Wizard II for $99.95US at the official Sound And Effects website.