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Sonos CR200: multi-room control for all your music

Sonos cr200

Sonos cr200

Following a leak several weeks ago, the Sonos CR200 touchscreen music controller was officially announced today.

In a nutshell, it allows you to control your music collection across multiple rooms (there's a handy £700 bundle with two of Sonos' ZonePlayers just for this occasion) and provides access to online music services like, Deezer and Napster.

If, like us, you subscribe to multiple streams and podcasts, you have an iTunes library large enough to sink a small battleship (not to mention all those GarageBand recordings) and you have an uncontrollable urge to play all these things simultaneously in different rooms in the house, the Sonos CR200 could be a decent option.


You can get the full lowdown from our tech compadres on TechRadar who've posted a Sonos CR200 hands-on guide to all the new features.

(Via: TechRadar)