SodaSynth arrives in VST, Chrome and HP Touchpad formats

Oscillicious has just launched a new product called SodaSynth, and to the best of our knowledge, this is a first in the sense that it's being released across three platforms. There's a VST plug-in version, another for the HP Touchpad, and - perhaps most interestingly - a free iteration that's available from the Chrome Web Store.

As its name suggests, SodaSynth is a virtual synthesizer, and the Chrome version is one of the first applications to use Google's emerging Native Client technology.

Oscillicious tells us: "It's native compiled C++ code running our synthesizer in a browser at full speed, for the first time. While there are some other pro audio web apps like [Hobnox] AudioTool, nothing can really get the latency low and run efficiently without native code. We think this might be a peek into a future where there are real pro audio web apps."

As they say, there are plenty of ways to make music in your web browser already, but this is something slightly different. It'll be interesting to see what the uptake is like from other developers.

The Chrome version of SodaSynth also features a 4-bar live looper, so you can record as well as play with it. The VST version, meanwhile, offers five waveforms, up to 32 oscillators per note, 8-voice polyphony and 37 presets. It's available from the Oscillicious website priced at $23.

Finally, SodaSynth HD for the HP Touchpad offers a two-octave keyboard with full five-finger multitouch support. There are 21 presets and a built-in looper: this one is available for $3 via the HP App Catalog.

Ben Rogerson

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