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Sensual Saxophone for iOS could be the filthiest instrument ever

Embertone has released a new iOS instrument with true legato sampling, and the North Carolina firm believes it's the only virtual instrument to feature a Sex knob (we're pretty sure they're right on that score).

Sliding your finger around the Sex knob's perimeter will up the ante in the sax stakes, taking you from bone-dry, soft sax tones to reverb-drenched sounds with lashings of vibrato. It's not particularly subtle, but there you go.

For the more hardened musicians out there, pressing the Sex knob reveals a control panel featuring settings for reverb, delay and vibrato. Also located on the pop-up menu is the Sensuality button, which does nothing to turn down the heat and enables you to indulge in more… well, sensual tones.

Sensual Sax has been developed in collaboration with Blue Mangoo and is also available for Kontakt 4+. The iOS version is available on the Apple App Store now for £3.99/$4.99. For more information check out the Embertone website.

Sensual Sax features

  • MIDI input/output
  • IAA
  • Audio Unit 3
  • Audiobus
  • True legato sampling for realistic note transitions
  • Three sets of articulations
  • 600+ recorded samples