Sample Magic's new plugin offers a simple way of giving your tracks a Boost

Sample Magic's Boost plugin arrives with a simple stated aim: "to get tracks sounding as full, polished and loud as possible using a minimal amount of processing."

Behind the retro-looking interface lies multiband compression, 4-band EQ, stereo enhancement, brickwall limiting and filtering. Used together, these processors promise to leave you with a "fuller, wider and louder" mixdown.

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When added to your mix bus, Boost can be used for mastering, subtle enhancement or dynamic shaping, and all with only four simple controls (Compress, Colour, Stereo and Limiter). You can also use it to spice up individual track elements.

Find out more and download a demo on the Sample Magic website. Boost is available for PC and Mac in VST/AU formats. The regular price is £90, but you can currently purchase it for £50.

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