S.A.M.M.I brings four-oscillator drone synth and virtual theremin to iPad

S.A.M.M.I is a new, free sound creation app for iPad that combines a drone synth, virtual theremin and 16-step sequencer.

The app's 'drone' section is built around four-oscillators, each of which offers a choice of saw, square, sine, triangle and noise waves. There's also a detune control, a multimode filter and LFO. The theremin, meanwhile, makes use of both the iPad's touchscreen and accelerometer for note control. Both sections feature their own delay effect too.

Right now S.A.M.M.I doesn't support Audiobus or, it appears, MIDI control, so we hope these may be added in a future update. For a free app though, it's still a pleasantly well-equipped and fun offering.

Download S.A.M.M.I from the App Store.

Si Truss

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