Ricochet: the easy-to-use multi-tap delay

Ricochet gives you individual control over five delay taps
Ricochet gives you individual control over five delay taps.

Audio Damage has an enviable reputation for releasing great-sounding, great-looking and inventive effects at fantastic prices. It´s now looking to strengthen its position with the launch of Ricochet, a multi-tap delay plug-in.

Said to be quicker and easier to program than some of its rivals, Ricochet comes with a 16-step programming grid and five independently controllable taps. You have multi-mode filter, pan, level, sync, mute, solo and time controls for each of these.

Ricochet comes with two feedback modes (master and tap) while there´s a specially designed chorus that only affects the taps. This is said to be suitable for feedback smearing effects.

Available now for $49, Ricochet runs as a PC VST plug-in and a Mac Audio Units effect. You can buy it - and hear what it can do - at the Audio Damage website.