Reaktor Animated Circuits comes to Kore

Reaktor Animated Circuits sounds far from run of the mill we suspect
Reaktor Animated Circuits sounds far from run-of-the mill, we suspect.

Native Instruments has released another Kore Soundpack in the shape of Reaktor Animated Circuits.

Given its name, it won't surprise you to learn that the pack is based on the Reaktor engine; it's powered by several sound generators and features more than 200 KoreSounds that can be loaded into Kore 2 or the free Kore Player.

The supplied material is said to comprise deep, constantly fluctuating soundscapes that are dark, meditative, moody and abstract in tone. Notably, Reaktor Animated Circuits includes the Spiral sequencing instrument - a new creation from Lazyfish, a 'Reaktor master builder'.

All the presets come with eight morphable sound variations, with the most important parameters for each one being available for easy tweaking. Owners of Reaktor 5 can have full access to all of the ensembles.

You can buy Reaktor Animated Circuits now from NI's online shop. It costs $59/€49.