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RØDE Microphones announces money back guarantee

Look for this sticker
Look for this sticker

PRESS RELEASE: RØDE Microphones is excited to announce a complete money back guarantee across the entire line of RØDE microphones.

Any RØDE microphone purchased between February and June 2010 from a participating dealer can be returned directly to RØDE Microphones for a full return of the price paid for the microphone.

"We appreciate that the investment in a RØDE microphone is a sizeable purchase for the majority of our customers." Commented Damien Wilson, Global Sales & Marketing Director. "This money back guarantee makes RØDE the obvious choice for today's 'smart' consumer. Now you can rest assured that if you are unsatisfied with your purchase you have sixty days to claim a full refund!

"We're completely confident in standing behind our product in this way, and combined with the RØDE Ten Year Warranty we feel we really are offering RØDE users not only one of the finest precision instruments in the world, but the very best in after sales service and support."

To qualify for the money back guarantee the customer must register their purchase at within seven days of purchase. Following registration the customer has a 60 day period in which they can claim the money back guarantee at

For more information and complete terms and conditions on the Money Back Guarantee please visit

For more information, visit

Information taken from official press release

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