Propellerhead's A-List Studio Drummer just became your neighbour's best friend

Reason users have the potential to fill their tracks with guitar parts already, thanks to the company's various virtual acoustic and electric guitar rack extensions; but the stage is now opening up with the introduction of a new member of Reason's synthetic band.

In the same vein as its three stablemate rack extensions, the idea is simple: throw A-List Studio Drummer into the rack, and you've got an instant virtual musician to accompany your track, its tempo dictated by the host project. Whether you need a quick beat as a guide to get something started, or want to get more involved, you call the shots.

The Performance section of the interface lets you select a playing Style and a Part (Verses, Choruses, Breakdowns etc). Different Parts can be selected using MIDI note information for very simple sequencing.

Elsewhere, there's flexibility to loosely customise the characteristics of the virtual drum kit, and a range of mix styles to choose from.

A-List Studio Drummer is available in the Propellerhead shop now for Reason users, and it'll set you back €99 (although a free, unlimited 30-day trial is available).