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Propellerhead to launch new product in May?

What does Propellerhead have in store?
What does Propellerhead have in store?

New product launches from Propellerhead Software are rare - this is a company that likes to take its time - so when we hear a whisper that one might be imminent we start to get pretty excited.

The reason for our heightened sense of anticipation is that the Reason developer is hosting a series of Producer Conferences across the globe on 9 May (details of the UK event in Guildford can be found here).

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There's a rumour going round that, as well as covering the Prop's current product line, these might see the announcement of something new, too.

We should say that, at this stage, nothing has been confirmed, but we'll keep you posted on any more details as and when they emerge. In the meantime, mark 9 May in your diary...