Prince Oscar party footage to appear online

Prince people wanted a party so he s throwing one
Prince: people wanted a party, so he's throwing one.

Aftershow parties are now part and parcel of the Academy Awards experience, but it turns out that the one Prince is throwing on Sunday wasn't exactly his idea.

Us Magazine reports that the first the star heard of his shindig was when he saw a story about it while rehearsing with his band. Apparently, he decided to host a party for real when last year's Best Actress winner Marion Cotillard sent an RSVP.

The good news for Prince fans is that he's allowing a film crew into the event, and that the resulting footage will be posted on his new website.

We can only hope that this will include video of him performing - at Prince's insistence, most clips of him playing live have been removed from websites, so getting your purple kicks online is now much more difficult than it once was.