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PreSonus lets you demo Studio One

Are you looking at your new favourite DAW? Try it and see.
Are you looking at your new favourite DAW? Try it and see.

Launched at this year's Frankfurt Musikmesse, Studio One is an all-new DAW from hardware specialists PreSonus. As far as we can tell, this isn't yet available to buy, but you can now request a demo version.

Studio One is a cross-platform application that promises to be easy to use yet full of powerful features. Speaking to MusicRadar earlier this year, Presonus's Marketing Communications Manager Steve Oppenheimer said: "Studio One proves that you do not have to sacrifice pro quality and features to make a DAW easy to use. Music creation should be fun!"

"We're just plain tired of having to fight our way through complex user interfaces and esoteric menus in order to create pro-level tracks. It doesn't have to be that way. And with Studio One, it isn't. You can find your way around most features very easily.

"Sure, the manual will help you find lots of subtleties and ways to use the program that you might not find on your own, but if you never read the manual, you could still produce a great project the first time out. We don't think that's true of other software."

You can check out Studio One for yourself by going to the demo request page on the PreSonus website.

(Via KVR Audio)