PreSonus announces channel strip and piano add-ons for Studio One

PreSonus has announced the Channel Strip Collection and Studio Grand Piano add-ons for Studio One 3 Artist and Studio One 3 Professional.

The Channel Strip Collection comprises two add-ons, both of which feature a preamp, compressor, and EQ. First up is the RC 500, modelled on the company's solid-state channel strip of the same name. The second plugin, the VT1, is based on a modelled 'high-end' tube preamp.

Both add-ons feature the new State Space Modeling technology. Developed by PreSonus, this uses analysis of schematics to model componentry and also takes into consideration nonlinear characteristics such as bias shifts, time dependencies and saturation.

Studio Grand Piano

The Studio Grand Piano originally featured as instrument presets and sample content in the Presence XT Core library for Studio One 3 Professional. This new add-on is based on the same contemporary seven-foot concert grand piano, but PreSonus tells us it now offers "ten times the depth and size."

The Channel Strip Collection and Studio Grand Piano are available now for £63.50/$79.99 each. Studio One 3 customers can browse and purchase the extra content from within the Studio One Browser.

For more information and products, take a look at the PreSonus Software Shop.

Simon Arblaster
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