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Pioneer draws the battle lines with new controller teaser video

Pioneer has released a video entitled 'Prepare for Battle' in which we hear the words: "This is everything I'll ever need", spoken over some very sketchy shots of what we can only assume is a DJ controller of some kind.

Further to this bold claim, the voice also states "It's kinda like a 909 on super-steroids." Now our interest is definitely piqued.

So what could it be? Well, we can obviously tick the box marked 'controller', but it is clearly more than that. It looks like a fair amount of brightly lit pads are on offer, and when you also consider the aforementioned Roland 909 hint, our guess is that we are looking at some kind of feature-packed crossover DJ performance tool of the like we may not have seen before.

This news comes less than a week after Pioneer announced that the latest version of Rekordbox is entering public beta and offers new performance functionality.