Perc - The Power And The Glory review

Three years after the release of his widely acclaimed debut album, Wicker & Steel, London-based Techno producer Perc delivers his hotly anticipated follow-up record, The Power And The Glory.

Released via his own long running Perc Trax label, the record finds Perc, real name Ali Wells, displaying an even more expansive sound than we saw on his highly influential debut. The uncompromising, unrelenting and industrial aesthetic that has so long been the hallmark of Perc's output is in full rage once more, but the Londoner is also able to indulge further into the extremities of other directions.

From piano-led, classical sounding music to thumping, energetic Techno, 808 jams, melodic outpourings, complex rhythms and noise-laced Techno, The Power And The Glory is a remarkably diverse Techno album. It also features vocals from Factory Floor's Nik Colk Void and Dethscalator's Dan Chandler.

Full of energy and purpose, but also with pockets of deftly arranged freeform, the album is yet another reminder of why Perc is such an influential figure on the UK's Techno landscape.

3.5 out of 5

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