PC World names 100 best tech products of 2008

66. Apple Logic Studio
66. Apple Logic Studio

PC World has put together the 100 best tech products of 2008, as voted for by editors and readers. We know what you´re thinking, and yes, it is just a tad early for a best-of-the-year round-up but what the heck! We´ve trawled the list for the few music making apps and accessories that made the cut…

Audio editing apps

66. Apple Logic Studio
Great bundle that contains not just the Logic Pro 8 DAW, but also MainStage (for live performance), Soundtrack Pro 2 (a post-production tool) and myriad effects and instruments

98. Audacity
If you don´t want to pay for your audio editor, this is by far the best solution


5. Lenovo ThinkPad X300
Thin and light laptop that´s designed for business but powerful enough to be used for music

26. Apple MacBook Pro
The number one choice for creative types who want to be able to work on the move

62. Alienware Area-51 m15x
With its Intel Core 2 Extreme processor, this could handle any task you threw at it

89. Apple MacBook Air
Not the best spec´d Mac for music producers, but it certainly looks the part

93. Asus U2E
Compact laptop that delivers decent battery life


2. Apple iPhone
Music making apps include iBand, PocketGuitar, virtual drum pads, virtual pianos, synths and even a virtual Balinese gamelan

42. Electronic Arts Rock Band controllers
If you´re not convinced by Rock Band´s music making credentials, you could try turning its main accessory into a MIDI controller

73. Creative Aurvana X-Fi
Creative´s noise-canceling headphones promise to “restore the original sound quality of music compressed into MP3 files and to convert stereo audio into 3D surround sound”. Impressive…

By Tom Porter and Ben Rogerson


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