Orion software studio overhauled

The workflow in the new version of Orion promises to be smoother
The workflow in the new version of Orion promises to be smoother.

It´s getting on for two years since the last major update to Synapse Audio´s Orion software studio, so users of said app will surely be overjoyed at the news that version 7.5 is now available.

Although this isn´t a full version upgrade, there is quite a bit of new stuff to talk about. Specific improvements have been made to the software´s interface and workflow, and there´s better compatibility with Windows Vista. Support for multi-core processors is also in place.

Other specific feature upgrades include a new limiter effect, auto-tracking EQs for easier mixing, an improved arpeggiator and direct export to MP3/OGG file formats.

Orion Platinum 7 owners can upgrade to version 7.5 for free, while users of Orion Pro - which will now be discontinued - can get it for $49. If you´re considering buying Orion for the first time (the full app costs $149) you can download a demo from the Synapse Audio website.

In related news, the Orion-Reloaded website - a community portal for Orion users that enables the sharing of songs, presets, skins, wavetables and samples - is now up and running.