Opho Keys: the modular MIDI controller that teaches you to play

Having previously created the gTar, the digital guitar with the multi-touch LED fretboard that helps you learn to play, Opho (formerly Incident Technologies) has turned its attention to keyboard players with Keys.

Featuring what the company calls "full-sized LED keys" (though they they look slightly 'buttony' in the photos and video), this 24-note device works with the companion iPhone apps to 'gamify' the process of learning for beginners (notes light up on the hardware as and when you need to play them). The Learn app focuses on chords and scales, while the Play app is for those who want to play songs.

Opho keys

Opho keys

Keys is also being targeted at music producers - it offers gesture control features and, uniquely as far as we're aware, you can click multiple units together to create a longer playing surface. There are no cables required: the Keys units are designed to snap together magnetically.

Keys is compatible with not only iOS devices but also Android, Mac and PC. It comes with a rechargeable LiPo Battery that is said to last for eight hours.

You can pre-order Keys now from the Opho Keys website, with prices starting at $88. It'll ship in the Summer.

Ben Rogerson

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