Numark Omni Control gives DJs everything they need

The controller that DJs have been waiting for?
The controller that DJs have been waiting for?

Numark has unveiled Omni Control, a new DJing USB MIDI controller that also throws an audio interface into the mix.

The device has a similar layout of buttons, knobs and sliders to Numark's Total Control - we're guessing that the two products might be based on the same chassis - and has the look of a standard DJ mixer.

The Omni Control, though, benefits from a metal casing and better-quality controls, and adds a couple of audio outputs and an additional headphone output. Also in the box are copies of Native Instruments Traktor LE 3 and Mixmeister Fusion Live.

This being the case, it's fair to say that the Omni Control package offers everything you need to start DJing on a Mac or PC (apart from a computer of course). There's more on Numark's website.