Now PS2 pad can be a MIDI controller

The Midiator sits between your PS2 controller and your computer MIDI hardware
The Midiator sits between your PS2 controller and your computer/MIDI hardware.

We told you yesterday about the guy who´s created a Guitar Hero MIDI controller - now we have Midiator, a new product (one that you can actually buy) that turns your PlayStation 2 pad into a MIDI-capable device.

Once you´ve got your Midiator hardware (you can buy just the Printed Circuit Board, a build-it-yourself kit or a fully assembled box) you simply need hook it up between your MIDI device and PS2 controller (it´s also compatible with the Guitar Hero controller, incidentally).

You can then use the analogue sticks to tweak controllers (such as pitch bend) and the buttons to play notes, send controller messages or toggle controller messages on or off (so you can mute/unmute tracks, for example).

If you want to know more, check out the Curious Inventor´s website, where you´ll find additional information and a video of the Midiator in action. Prices are $25 for the PCB, $60 for the self-assembly kit and $80 for the assembled and tested box.