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Now iPhone can control Pro Tools

Pro Tools for the iPhone? Not quite, but sort of.
Pro Tools for the iPhone? Not quite, but sort of.

New iPhone/iPod touch music software seems to be arriving on a daily basis at the moment. The latest notable release to come to MusicRadar's attention is ProRemote, a clever app that turns your Apple handheld into a controller for Digidesign's Pro Tools.

According to Create Digital Music, the software has an interface that mirrors Pro Tools', thus enabling you to control many of the legendary DAW's features remotely. Information is fed back to ProRemote, too - this isn't just a one-way control system we're talking about.

The only stumbling block is the price. You can buy a 'lite' version for $40/£24, but the full-on release costs $150/£85. This is on a par with many Mac and PC software releases, but way more expensive than the majority of products in the App Store.

Still, if you're a serious Pro Tools user, you might consider this a price worth paying. If you want to see what ProRemote is all about, you can watch a video of it in action.