New iPad DAW MultitrackStudio hits the App Store

MultitrackStudio is a new iPad DAW from developer Giel Bremmers. The app can host up 16 audio or MIDI tracks, and features score, piano roll and drum editors.

The app packs 17 different built-in effects, with three effects slots available per track, plus separate master and send/return channels. It also features its own MIDI instruments. Furthermore, it can accept or export MIDI info via CoreMIDI, and is also able to export projects as a .zip file.

On the downside, MultitrackStudio does not currently support Audiobus, Inter-App Audio or AudioCopy, which is a fairly big drawback for an iPad app of this kind, particularly given the $17.99/£12.99 price point. Hopefully this is something that will be rectified in future updates, as otherwise MultitrackStudio looks like a potentially interesting iOS tool.

MultitrackStudio is available to buy from the App Store now.

Si Truss

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