NAMM 2015: Waves announces H-Reverb plugin

Digital reverb with analogue personality, from Waves.
Digital reverb with analogue personality, from Waves.

NAMM 2015: Vintage will meet modern in Waves' forthcoming VST/AU/RTAS/AAX plugin. H-Reverb features convolution-style generation for the reverb signal itself, and emulates the warmth of analogue circuitry to handle other processes.

Beneath the modern reverb response display, controls include Early Reflections/Tail balance, Dry/Wet mix, Damping, Envelope and LFO, complex decay controls, separate Input and Output echo controls, reverb EQ, Dynamics and Modulation.

Specifications (from Waves)

  • Resonant filter sweeps for creating innovative reverb effects
  • EQ and dynamics module for compression, ducking and de-essing
  • ADA analogue modelling and drive control
  • Artist presets from the industry's leading mixing engineers
  • Full buildup timing and shaping
  • Pre-delay BPM syncSupport for full 5.1 channel surround setups
  • Quick reference button
  • User-friendly GUI with collapsible version

And this wouldn't be a Waves plugin without a swathe of contributions from professional engineers. We'll see who's been responsible for these in good time, though we're still not sure when H-Reverb will be released or how much it'll cost!

Keep up to date via the Waves website.