NAMM 2015: UVI releases BeatHawk, iOS studio app

NAMM 2015: The UVI Engine has made the jump to iPad, offering sequencing for beats, notes and effects in the form of the BeatHawk app. Billed as a "portable music production studio", BeatHawk offers many of the features of a desktop DAW, but there are some omissions.

As this is a UVI product, the company has crammed it with samples and sounds from its huge collection of material, and there are, naturally, in-app purchases to get hold of more.

But it wouldn't be a real modern 'studio app' unless it could talk to other pieces of software. BeatHawk has that covered with Audiobus, Inter-App Audio, AudioCopy and WIST compatibility. Your projects can be exported in various audio or MIDI configurations, and can be played using external controllers.

BeatHawk can sample and time-/pitch-stretch, as well as providing effects such as modulation, amplitude envelopes and the like.


  • 16 track sequencer with up to 16 patterns
  • 780Mb sound and instrument library included
  • Trigger via. pad mode, keyboard mode or with external device
  • High-quality pitch and time stretching
  • Choke groups and One-Shot sample modes
  • Inter-App Audio, AudioBus, Audio Copy and WIST compliant
  • Export: 44.1kHz 24-bit WAV
  • Import: FLAC, WAV, MP3, MP4, or AIFF

BeatHawk is available on the App Store now for $4.99. For more information, see the UVI website.