NAMM 2015: Pioneer unveils XDJ-RX all-in-one DJ device

NAMM 2015: Pioneer has unveiled its latest DJ device, the XDJ-RX - an all-in-one controller/player designed to be used in conjunction with company's music library application rekordbox.

The RX combines a central two-channel mixer (which can also operate independently) with a pair of control platters modeled on Pioneer's popular range of CDJs. The unit features a relatively large central LCD screen, which displays information and waveforms for both decks in parallel, along with an assortment of built-in effects that will mostly be familiar to regular users of Pioneer gear.

The unit is designed to work as an entirely standalone device, meaning that it doesn't rely on a laptop to operate. Instead, the XDJ-RX is loaded with music that has been prepared in Pioneer's rekordbox application, either via USB drive or via wired connection to an Android or iOS device running the free rekordbox app.

Beyond this, the controller also features a new Loop Slice feature, which is triggered by using two rows of pads found just in front of either platter. There's also a built-in soundcard allowing sets to be recorded directly to USB.

Check out the introductory video above and visit the Pioneer DJ site for more.

The XDJ-RX is expected to arrive in late February priced at an RRP of $1799.

Si Truss

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