n-Track Studio multitrack audio DAW released for Android

The Android version of n Track Studio follows the release of a similar iOS app
The Android version of n-Track Studio follows the release of a similar iOS app.

It's notoriously difficult to create decent Android music-making apps, so you might think that developing a multitrack DAW for the platform would be beyond the realms of possibility. That's what n-Track software claims to have produced, though, with its latest mobile version of the well-established n-Track Studio.

The app is said to be capable of recording and playing back a virtually unlimited number of audio tracks (though, ultimately, this depends on the power of your device), and there are various standard editing options. You can mix and add effects on the fly.

You can mix down completed songs to WAVs or export multitrack projects that can then be loaded into the desktop versions of n-Track Studio.

n-Track Studio is available to buy now from the Google Play Store. It costs $6.99/£4.99.

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