Musikmesse 2015: Sugar Bytes Cyclop comes to iPad

Back in 2012, Sugar Bytes released their modulation-filled bass synth Cyclop in plugin form. We gave it 4.5/5 in our subsequent review, saying it was "fun and easy to use". What better place for it, then, than on the iPad.

A recap? It's a monosynth, especially tuned up for bass duties, stocked with a capable and modern modulation matrix and a load of effects tacked onto the end.

The original Cyclop

For modulation, specifically, you've got LFOs for your wob-wobs, with adjustable rate and waveshape (natch), including sample+hold; then you've got a 16-step mod and gate sequencer that can be used for rhythmic or pitch patterns; plus, you gett he ability to record in your tweaks and play them back automated.

Effects follow this up, with Looper delays, Vinyl scratching FX etc - these aren't very tweakable, but you can vary their effect by choosing a different 'type' of each one.

The iPad Cyclop

New for the iPad edition are an updated interface and an improved CPU efficiency, plus the usual integration features such as iTunes sharing, Inter-App Audio, Audiobus, etc.

It's a not-insignificant $24.99 on the App Store, and you can find out more in the video above or on Sugar Bytes' website.