Moog SlimPhatty: the Moog synth you can afford?

The SlimPhatty can be rack mounted or sit on your desk
The SlimPhatty can be rack-mounted or sit on your desk.

Moog has announced the SlimPhatty, which is being billed as its most affordable and portable synth. Based on the Little Phatty, it will cost £699.

The SlimPhatty is rack-mountable and its specs are as follows:

- Two Rock Solid Oscillators
- Universal Internal Power Supply
- External Audio Input and CV Inputs for Pitch, Filter, Volume and Keyboard Gate.
- MIDI over USB
- Arpeggiator
- New Cutting Edge sound bank
- 24 dB/Oct Moog Ladder filter with filter Overload control and a single Output VCA
- An Envelope Generator section provides two ADSR Envelopes
- The Modulation section contains a 4-waveform LFO, and a 1x2 Mod Bus with 8 possible mod sources and 4 possible destinations
- There is a Master Volume control, Fine Tune, an Output On/Off switch, and a headphone output jack.

Moog slimphatty

The SlimPhatty can be played from its front panel or a MIDI keyboard. It's scheduled to ship in January 2011.