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Michael Jackson asks fans to pick songs for new 'best of'

What do you mean you've already got an MJ best of?
What do you mean you've already got an MJ best of?

If Michael Jackson carries on at this rate, he'll have released as many greatest hits collections as he has proper solo albums. The latest Jacko 'best of' is called King Of Pop - the difference this time is that fans will choose the final tracklisting.

A shortlist of 50 songs has been prepared - if you want to influence the new compilation's running order (on the UK edition, at least), you simply have to pick your favourite 18 on either The Sun or GMTV's website. Voting closes on August 10, so you've still got a few days to make your choices.

Looking down the shortlist, MusicRadar is reminded of how many great songs Jackson has released, though it has to be said that, for every Billie Jean, there's a You Are Not Alone.

What's more, the top 50 neglects to include one of MJ's finest moments: the birthday song that he composed for Lisa when he guested on The Simpsons.

King Of Pop will be released on August 25.