Meet Pioneer's new DJ battle mixer, the DJM-S9

Having only just teased us with a video hinting at a new high-end DJ mixer, Pioneer has announced the DJM-S9. This is a two-channel mixer for Serato DJ with a customisable crossfader.

As well as delivering plug-and-play integration with Serato DJ's four decks, it also boasts DVS support, onboard FX, 16 performance pads, two USB audio interfaces and a top-loaded input switcher.

The '909' mentioned in the teaser video was of course referencing the now discontinued Pioneer DJM-909 and not the Roland TR-909. We initially had crazy thoughts about what this mixer could be.

Instead it takes its cues from the customisable 909 with the inclusion of the Magvel Fader Pro crossfader, which features interchangeable bumpers, feeling adjustment, cut lag and fader curve.

The heritage doesn't end there: the DJM-S9 inherits its audio circuitry from Pioneer's flagship 4-channel digital mixer, the DJM-2000NXS.

Features include:

  • Tough responsive Magvel Fader Pro crossfader
  • Customisable fader bumpers, feeling adjust, cut lag and fader curve
  • Eight colour-coded Performance Pads on each channel
  • Plug-and-play with Serato DJ's four decks, plus DVS support
  • Customisable banks give access to 15 on-board Beat FX and 55 Serato DJ FX powered by iZotope
  • Wet/Dry filter FX on each channel
  • Two USB sound cards and top-loaded input switcher
  • Mic input with Echo FX
  • Fully MIDI compatible

The DJM-S9 will be available from late October 2015, at an SRP of €1,799, including VAT.

A limited edition gold DJM-S9-N will also be available from November at an SRP of €1,899. This promises to be the perfect companion to the limited edition PLX-1000-N turntable that launches at the same time at an SRP of €899, including VAT.

Simon Arblaster
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