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Longevity is a rare commodity in electronic music. It's a world where styles and trends can shift quickly, leaving artists who previously seemed adventurous suddenly resigned to the waste bin of nostalgia.

That's why the multi- decade career of Richie Hawtin is so impressive - across his long list of aliases, he's managed to adapt his productions and performances to remain at the cutting edge, while never deviating far from his signature brand of precise, on-point Techno. This issue, we link up with Richie in Berlin to find out precisely how he's done it - pick up the mag now to read our extensive cover interview, along with a track by track breakdown of Plastikman's seminal Sheet One.

Also in this issue of FM, we delve in deep into the sonic capabilities of our favourite synth of 2015 in the Producer's Guide to the Roland JD-XA. Plus we help you unlock the creative potential of building and working with multisampled instruments - find out how in our essential guide.

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Richie Hawtin - Techno legend Richie Hawtin shares his many years of production expertise, and gives us the lowdown on new compilation From My Mind To Yours, which celebrates 25 years of Plus 8

Caravan Palace - The French Electro Swing outfit give us the story behind their distinctive sound

Autograf - We meet Tropical House sensations Autograf and talk remixes, custom controllers, Pop Art and eight-foot robots

The Track: Daddy's Groove - The Italian duo break down the creation of their 2015 single, Where I Belong

Classic Album - Plastikman on the creation of the seminal Sheet One


Multisampling Masterclass - Discover the creative potential of building and working with multisampled instruments in our essential guide

Producer's Guide To... Roland JD-XA - Get the most out of Roland's excellent hybrid analogue/digital synth

Modular Monthly - The 4ms Spectral Multiband Resonator reviewed, and exploring phase distortion synthesis


  • Steinberg Cubase 8.5
  • Akai MPC Touch
  • WaveMachine Labs Auria Pro
  • UAD 8.4 plug-ins
  • Moog MF Flange
  • And more...


Stretched To The Limit - Heavily stretched sounds, from atmospheres to drum hits and loops. Add some stretched textures to your tunes.

Filter Fun - Heavily filtered sounds and loops. We crank up the resonance, tweak the cutoff and get creative with modulation.

PLUS: Access the FM sample archive - Download the 'Archive' packs and get over 8GB of loops, hits and instruments from our back catalogue of high-quality and royalty-free samples. From vintage synths and drum machines to esoteric instruments and FX - think of it as our best of. All the samples you need to create great music!

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