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We probably all have an idea of what our 'perfect' studio space would look like and, I'd wager, we all have slightly differing ideas on what that would entail.

For some, it might involve a huge, spacious live room that lends itself to full band jam sessions, while others might dream of a perfectly treated den in which to hide away for hours and work on electronic productions. Every musician, producer and engineer works slightly differently, so there's no such thing as one archetypal 'dream studio'.

This issue, we're focusing on helping you create your perfect studio environment. In this issue, we walk you through the practical implications of building a studio from the ground up - from planning to layout, material and practical considerations. Even if you're not looking to invest in creating your own studio, an understanding of the ideas and concepts behind creating a studio can help you refine your own space, wherever that is and whatever shape it takes.

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Modestep - After the huge success of their first album, the Dubstep band are back with London Road, a darker record, packed with heavy guitars

Emika - We visit the producer, composer and sound designer for NI in her Berlin studio

Riva Starr - Starr fits a chat with FM into his busy schedule of DJing, remixing, producing and running the Snatch! label

The Track: MOTi - The Dutch producer breaks down the creation of his Electro House floorfiller Lion

Classic Album - Atomic Hooligan on the creation of You Are Here


Create Your Perfect Studio - Our essential guide to building your own recording studio - from planning and budgeting to materials, layout and beyond

Improve Your Studio Workflow - Get the most out of your precious studio time with our essentia advice

Producer's Guide To... Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators - Get the most out of these compact beat makers


  • Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2
  • Genelec 8000 Series SAM monitors
  • Image-Line FL Studio 12
  • Output Signal
  • Korg/littleBits Synth Pro Expansion Pack
  • And more...

Modular monthly

In this month's modular column we put a host of Eurorack filter clones head-to-head. Get the sound of the MS-20, Prophet, System-1 and more


Synth Toys - Get creative with the sound of cheap instruments and bargain basement synths

Everything Backwards - Reversed hits and loops for perfect builds and creative rhythms

Synthetic Strings - Give your tracks a sleek retro sheen with this pack of synthesized string sounds

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