Is it true that almost half of the people who buy vinyl don't actually play it?

"Now, how does this thing work then?"
"Now, how does this thing work then?"
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Statistics frequently indicate that vinyl sales are on the rise, but are all the people who are buying records today actually dropping the needle on them? Perhaps not, If a new ICM survey shared with the BBC is to be believed.

This indicates that 48% of people who bought vinyl last month have yet to actually play it, suggesting that, in many cases, purchases could be motivated by 'collectibility' or a desire to make a lifestyle statement. Of those vinyl buyers questioned, 41% said that they own a turntable but don't use it, while 7% admitted that they don't even have a turntable.

The research has been published ahead of the latest annual Record Store Day, which takes place this Saturday (16 April) and is marked by a collection of exclusive vinyl releases. The ICM poll also indicates that 45% of vinyl fans hear the records they buy on streaming services first.