iPhone gets its first 'real' DJing app

Touch DJ: lets you mix with your eyes, not your ears.
Touch DJ: lets you mix with your eyes, not your ears.

After a lengthy wait for approval by Apple, Amidio has confirmed that its Touch DJ software, which enables you to mix two tracks on your iPhone or iPod touch, is now available to buy in the App Store.

There has been speculation that, for reasons best known to itself, Apple is intentionally blocking DJing apps - there's even an online petition demanding that they be approved.

However, the news of Touch DJ's release should help to calm the mood; it enables you to mix tracks visually without pre-listening to them. Kick parts of displayed waveforms are shown in a different colour, so the theory is that you should easily be able to match them up.

For those who want to pre-listen, there is a Split mode, though this requires that you use a special L/R splitting adapter.

Other features include a low-pass filter on each track, spin and break effects, and an onboard sampler with three slots (this can accept WAV files and you can sample directly via the iPhone's built-in mic).

The downside is that Touch DJ can't directly access your iTunes music library (Apple won't allow it), so tracks have to be re-imported via a special utility.

Touch DJ costs £11.99/$19.99 and is available now from the App Store. To find out more, check out the video below.

Ben Rogerson
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