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iPhone FourTrack recorder gets new features

FourTrack: puts a mini recording studio in your pocket.
FourTrack: puts a mini recording studio in your pocket.

Recording apps for the iPhone/iPod touch are now in plentiful supply, but Sonoma Wire Works' FourTrack trumps many of them by giving you - appropriately enough - four tracks of audio to work with.

The software has now been updated to version 2.0, and there are a couple of noteworthy new features to tell you about. Most significantly, there's now a Bounce option - four-track songs can be mixed to tracks 1 and 2, freeing up space for more parts.

The original multi-track recordings are preserved, however, enabling you to sync them to desktop recording software.

The Duplicate tool, meanwhile, allows you to make a backup of your song and then continue to work on it as a different file (useful if you want to experiment), and a built-in metronome has been added, too.

This all sounds like solid stuff, and further increases the iPhone/iPod touch's viability as a musical scratchpad and songwriting tool.

FourTrack costs $9.99/£5.99 and is available from the App Store.