IK Multimedia releases GrooveMaker 2 for iPad

IK Multimedia has unveiled GrooveMaker 2, a new universal version of its loop-based arranging and production tool, now compatible with the iPad as well as iPhone and iPod touch.

GrooveMaker 2 uses IK's 'groove generator' technology to allow users to trigger, manipulate and arrange loops in real time. The app features a grid-style loop window, a loop recorder and editor, and 16 DJ-style effects, including Delay, Stutter, Flanger, Crush and more. GrooveMaker 2 can be expanded via In-App Purchase, with up to 3000 loops and additional effects available in a variety of packs.

The app is Audiobus, Audio Copy and Inter-App Audio compatible. You can buy GrooveMaker 2 from the App Store now, priced at £6.99/$9.99.

Si Truss

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